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Introduction, - Kris on coming home to Texas, working with Don Was, the Cd's sound - mp3 file 6:15 - TRT.
Kristofferson on why he waited more than a decade to release a collection of new songs, growing up in Brownsville - mp3 file - 5:04 TRT.
Kris discusses playing unaccompanied, his early days, landing in Nashville and and his military background - mp3 file - 6:42 TRT.
Kristofferson talks about how activism has affected his career, his spirituality, his relationship with Johnny Cash and how moving to Nashville and "roaring" affected his family - mp3 file - 10:19 TRT.
Kris muses on making movies, the forthcoming tribute album to be released for his 70th birthday, his children and a few words about the final THE FINAL ATTRACTION - mp3 file - 7:43 TRT.




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