"It's music...either it's good or it's bad...either you like it or you dont!"
Gram Parsons 1946-1973 (Interview from Gram Parsons: Complete Reprise Sessions)

AlternativeCountry.com is a search portal that will hopefully enrich the music experience for visitors...The site will not attempt to redefine any genre, but rather be a resource for music that is generally accepted to fall under this heading; These “descriptive headings” include alt-country, No Depression, insurgent country, Americana, left of center country, twang, progressive country, neo-traditional country, alternative country-rock, alternative country and the winner of them all y’allternative.

Fights have been raging for years about what this genre of music should be called (if it is a genre) and after over a decade of hardy discourse nobody seems to be any closer to a definition. Frankly, we don’t give a shit, call it what you want and if this site can be helpful by bringing you closer to music you enjoy, please visit often...

The Other Country™


Gram Parsons: The Complete Reprise Sessions (Rhino)

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